What Are Social Signal Services And Are They Still Working?

Ever since we can remember, there’s always been a debate on whether social media shares, likes, comments, etc. has a direct influence on SEO in general. The question on anyone who wants to increase their Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) ranking is, “Is social signal working when it comes to increasing a site’s SEO score?” Many have tried to answer this question. However, no one has been able to give a definite answer. In fact, Google has gone on to say that social signals don’t have a direct impact on a sites search engine index ranking. However, we can’t ignore the power of social media and its effect on a website’s visibility. This is why people still avail of social signal services in the hopes that will improve website traffic. Are social signal services still working? Let’s find out.

What is a Social Signal Service?

Social signals are a metric system used to measure human interaction on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and many more. Social signals include things like likes, shares, comments, votes, pins, views, etc. These signals usually correlate to the popularity of a website on specific content or contents. Social Signal Services from sellers claim to help increase these social signals in the hopes of making a website rank higher on SERPs.

What do Social Signals mean today?

These days, professionals are still figuring out precisely the correlation and impact of social signals on a website’s SEO score. But it is becoming apparently clear that that the importance of social signals is becoming more and more critical. So let’s answer some of the most significant questions.

How and why are social signals improving a site’s search engine rankings?

It can be argued that social signals can have a direct and indirect impact on SERP rankings. A direct impact can come from a variety of things. These can come from the number of people that likes your brand on Facebook, number of shares, followers, mentions,  or even the number of people you are connected within Google+. An indirect impact can come from the effects of white hat SEO strategies. These can occur through increased inbound backlinks and citations from high-traffic websites, increased positive reviews from Google or Yelp, or even decreased bounce rates, higher usage time on your own site, and the number of repeat websites.

The most strong social signal is through the increase of backlinks or citations from other authority websites. What these links and citations do is increase your site’s visibility or your brand awareness. Social media has the power to generate new backlinks because it allows you to improve brand awareness and overall online visibility.

Are social signals the future of SEO?

SEO methods and strategies are always changing to adapt to the search engines’ continually evolving algorithm. But it’s safe to say that social signals do have a long-lasting effect on a site’s SEO score. If your site doesn’t have a strong social media presence, your SERP ranking will be left in the dust. Social media is becoming more and more a great avenue to get high-quality backlinks which can really drive up your site’s traffic. And we all know that traffic is one of the main defining factors when search engines index websites on user search results. In truth, social signals can help your site and your brand in surprising ways. Not just to increase your chances of getting ranked on Google, but also to develop relationships that can turn into loyalty when it comes to your customer base.


Social signal services are something worth looking at. And if you have already invested money in many different online marketing campaigns, why not one more? By getting a social signal service from a reputable and result-driven seller, you can undoubtedly increase your site’s visibility and branding. Trust us, everything else will follow accordingly.

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