Video marketing guide

Video marketing guides are not easy to find on the web since there is no such thing as a “standard guide.” The making of a video marketing resource material follows the standard methods of producing and post-producing a video documentary. Video marketing presentations are quasi-documentary materials since they present certain truths about a product or service of a particular person, business or group.

But some quarters present a guide as a rationale for the making of video marketing. One is Jake LeVoir of Marketing Videos and Campaign Strategy for Business of who formally introduced a “2016 Video Marketing Guide” that tells “why” (rationale) and “how” (means) of doing marketing through video.

First, video marketing works, says LeVoir. A video is becoming a critical information resource for senior executives of many companies today. One finding is that 80% of executives have watched more video online in 2016 than last 2015, and that trend continues to go up. Besides, a work-related video has been shown to drive senior executives to take action.

After watching a video, about 65% have visited a vendor’s website, while younger executives, who are fully engaged with this type of media appear more likely to make a purchase, call a vendor, or respond to an advertisement.

Persons responsible for making the video marketing story should be aware that majority of video content published on the web only adds to clogging up searches on the internet. If a business needs to create a video that will have a positive effect, management will have to invest time and money in crafting the video message. “Businesses will continue to create their video because they can and because, for some projects, it makes sense to go that route,” says LeVoir.

There would also be a tendency for businesses without any knowledge or experience in video production to experiment on complex video projects that could lead to failure in communication. As a consequence, the company may be forced to outsource the video project to a professional video production company that could be more expensive.

One practical way is for business management to hire someone who has extensive experience in the making of news video or video documentaries, somebody who can write the concept, convert the idea into a script, shoot the sequence through a DV cam, and do some necessary post-production. This method can guide the company in the making of a video marketing material and where the mistakes made, if any, would not be costly.

Making a high-quality video material is of prime importance to marketing success. Marketing Videos and Campaign Strategy for Business confirms in their observation that businesses or brands willing to invest on marketing are not okay with receiving low-quality video because a low-quality presentation would cheapen their brand and compromise advertising.

All these go back to the first lesson of learning about the production process that has been discussed earlier. The production and post-production aspects of video marketing determine whether the video story will be appreciated by viewers when posted on existing sites like YouTube, or whether the video will become “viral” or not.

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