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For any business nowadays, it’s a dream come true to rank high in search engine results.

SEO citations are an online platform where your business name, address and phone number(NAP) is listed.

A reason why citation websites are great for local
SEO is due to search engines like Google and Bing trust the quality citation sites which can help you get high rankings in search engines.

When you perform a local search, you will find that citation sites or online business directories are a dominant figure in the first page of search results.

A typical citation site will contain minimal information which includes your business name, address, and phone contact number. It is ideal for all these three pieces of information to be together for maximum effectivity. These citations are often referred to as ‘full citations.’

If you want your business to get listed on citation sites, you want to make sure that your business name, phone number, and address is in the same format on as many citation sites possible.

These citation sites will often include a link to your website. Full SEO citations are usually found on online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Superpages.

These citation sites offer a free or paid submission service which is a way of acquiring a valid local SEO citation listing for your brand or business.

There are many examples of quality citation sites that you can submit to. It’s also vital for your business to get listed on niche directory sites that are relevant to your industry. If you want to go deeper, there are citation sites that you can search by business category.

Citations that are found on online directories are most of the time well-structured to include all the information of a full SEO citation which is often called ‘structured citations’.

These citations are known as structured because of how the information is displayed and it is common in directories for citations to be grouped by industry type or local area.

Citation sites that make lists by city or location are more credible as ‘local SEO citations’. A ‘partially structured citation’ is often more commonly presented in blogs and forum threads.

In general, partially structured citations are less influential in improving your local SEO rankings, but there are cases when this is not so.

Even a partially structured SEO citation can be useful in the eyes of a search engine if that citation is on a local website or industry-specific niche site.

Getting your business included on high authority citation sites or online business directories can improve your credibility depending on the authority and SEO performance of the citation site.
In looking for a citation site to get your business listed on, make sure that you are targeting a high-quality citation site.

To know about the quality of a site, you can install the Moz Bar and check the Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Choose citation sites that have a high Page Authority and Domain Authority. Check on the Spam score as well, it would hurt your site and ranking if you get listed on a low-quality citation site.

The best reason why search engines favor citation sites is that they help confirm if your business is real, with your address and industry service being checked for validity.

When search engines see matching citations all over the web for your business, your business is deemed as a genuine business and a reliable source of content in your local area.

If two companies have equal SEO performance in other areas, but one has a higher number of quality third-party citations, this business would rank higher than the other.

Local SEO citations are not considered as one of the more prominent SEO factors, although it is a great tactic when you are trying to make it to the top 3 in Google local SEO listings.

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