Link building in 2018

Boosting SEO now as part of link building in 2018 focuses on the sharing aspect of information from individual social media profiles and posts which Google sees as more like web pages for indexing, and therefore would exhibit greater legitimacy, where the number of times a content is re-shared and re-tweeted is an indication of brand awareness. There are some best practices about link building techniques, which include: content-based linking, guest blogging, ego bait, broken link building, link reclamation and other tactics in link building

One new tactic developed by Hybrid Traffic’s Josh J. is called quality Tiered Link Building with safe and proven results, a proven safe backlinks tactics designed to optimize and empower your website through a 5-tiered strategy.

The first tier consists of high-quality links that point directly to main money site which includes the use of high super web 2.0 manual for optimization. The second tier powers up the first one with top authority links, high trust flow, contextual links, high social bookmarking and social signals. Tier 3 acts as a second shield to protect tiers 1 and 2. Level 4 powers up again the third tier properties with high forum links, while Tier 5 indexes all the links in the four Tiers.

Content-based link building is creating an asset to get links. The purpose is to attract people who would look at these assets and find them relevant, and ultimately generate links to your website. These assets may be in the form of an image gallery, a how-to guide, an infographic, a video, a white paper, or a data visualization. To build those links, you have to reach out to the people who see your content relevant and interesting. One strong connection can contain many linking root domains and a Page Authority.

In guest blogging, a piece of content is written and packaged for posting to other websites or a specific target site such as a merchant’s site. To be able to earn links, the content must be of high quality. However, some content providers abuse this method by providing low-quality content with over-optimized anchor text that led Google to crack down on these marketers. This technique will work well only if the content provided is of high quality.

Ego bait link building develops concept and research targets, excellent content writing, and outreaching where the content provider publishes the post and sends an email to the bloggers and websites highlighted in the content to let them know that they have been featured. The last step is to follow up on the people featured in the material. An example is where the most influential persons in web design are featured together with their photos, including their websites and social media channels. This step is a quite powerful technique.

A significant technique is called link reclamation. It consists of a combination of many reclamation strategies. According to Moz Pro, the Open Site Explorer is a useful tool for finding sites to reclaim links. Another approach is to recover links from stolen images. These images include photos, diagrams, infographics, and screenshots. Even if you’re a target for image theft, you can leverage image theft to build quality links quickly. If the websites are not giving you an image owner credit for the pictures, you can reclaim the links.

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